by FysiQ at 12:58 PM
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Hello guys,

For who are visitting my site:
I am stopped with RetronixPvP.

Why ?

I got not enough time to setting up a server or renew the site.
Because i am alone and its hard to do it alone.

I have self a life too and a girlfriend. I am to busy.

Any questions can be asked on skype: iYordiii

Friendly Regards,
Owner RetronixPvP

P.S. Maybe retronixpvp ever will come back, with the old rank, old players etc.
Any support is welcome.
by FysiQ at 6:42 PM
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Hello Guys!

First: RubyPvP name will be changed to Retronix-Network (RetronixPvP)

Our Site and Server are currently in Maintenance.
The Registrations on our Site are currently disabled.

I will add on our Server:

- New RMS ! (New Name: NMS, Network Management System)
- New Maps!
- New Plugins! (More Custom Plugins, to make this server funnier)
- New Staff ! (All staff will be fired!)
- And more ! (I do not tell you guys all the things, its a little suprise :p)

Our Site will completely changed, like new theme, new background, new forums etc.

Thanks for Reading, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Friendly Regards,
Owner and Founder of RubyPvP (Retronix-Network, RetronixPvP)