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Dear Ruby Players !

I want to announce that we got new IP(s), if you join now with this IP: "" you get an error from our RMS (Ruby Management System): "RMS ยป Please join using the following IP: <IP>"

You can join now with one of these IP's:

You are not required to use the port "25565". Just use one of the IP's above!

An another announcement is about Pixelet-Network. I was talking yesterday with the owner of Pixelet-Network (In-game name: DeadMach). We were talking a bit about the coming gamemodes. He told me that he is good at building minigames. And i am good with building Factions, Skyblock, Prison and servers like that. So maybe we working together, so there will be an extra announcement on the Server and/or website soon! Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter, and if you aren't registered on the...
by FysiQ at 8:44 AM
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Hi guys !

Does someone have server suggestion(s) or site suggestion(s) ?
The suggestion can be global (In every server), or just for one server.
If you have any new suggestion? Go here: and post your suggestion :)

What server should i launch after i fixed Kit-PvP / Practice-PvP and Skyblock.
What do you want? Upload the server that you want here:
And i will take a look. More information about the new server(s) are coming soon ofcourse.

Friendly Regards.
by FysiQ at 8:10 PM
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Dear Ruby Players!!

I want to announce that we got now on our Site an Anti DDOS protection, your browser will be checked once when you go to our Site.

Skyblock will be resetted on 10 September (10-09-16),
What will be added or what will be new in the Skyblock Server?
- Updated RMS
- Trade system (Trade with everyone, use /Trade)
- New Spawn / Shop
- New PvP - Arena
- Updated Starter Kit
- Updated Vote System (Get another rewards)
- Fixed Skyblock plugin (Challenges)
- Fixed Permissions
- Fixed Silkspawners (Mine spawners without any problems or bugs)
- Updated to 1.8 / 1.9 / 1.10 (1.8 Combat)
- Removed some unusual essentials command(s)

Kit-PvP will be resetted Tuesday (06-09-16) OR Wednesday (07-09-16). It depends on the time i have and the Server problems i got. I try to launch it without any bugs (Non-BETA Mode), bugs can be...
by FysiQ at 7:34 PM
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Dear Ruby Players,

Friday (2-9-16) at 3:00PM (GMT+01:00) (Dutch Time) is RubyPvP unable to join. The lobby will be updated and Factions will be UP if all bugs are fixed. So i can't promise yet.

RMS will be updated in this maintenance. Some commands are added, rank bugs are fixed and prefixes / ranks are changed.

If you have any question(s)?
Reply below or send me a PM.

Friendly Regards,
Owner and Founder of RubyPvP
by FysiQ at 3:08 PM
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Dear Ruby Players !

Yesterday and Today i updated the Website, the website was in Maintenance for a while.
I update and added some things:

- Changed the background
- Changed the colors of the Menu / Text etc
- Changed the Navigation
- Changed the LogoBlock
- Added Ratings
- Added Anti-VPN / Proxy
- Changed Forum section
- Fixed Support Tickets
- Updated Staff-List
- Added: Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
- Added Thread Template (Only in the JR-Helper Section)

That's it!

The server were down for some days with the following reason:
The bungees were crashed, and won't startup. After i updated the Bungees, you can join again.

The Bungeecord is updated to 1.10 (Still Joinable with 1.8 - 1.9 (1.8 Combat))

Friendly Regards,
Owner and Founder of RubyPvP
by FysiQ at 11:04 AM
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Hello Guys!

I don't know when the Practice-PvP server is online, but it will be Launched. More information about the Practice-PvP Server can you find later on the Site in an another post!
The Lobby got updated with a new map, the selector will be changed.

The Site got updated!
I added ratings.
Now can you rate every post (Not only like(s) anymore).
You can find it below a post or reply.

Owner and Founder of RubyPvP
by FysiQ at 4:50 PM
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Dear Ruby Players !

I want to announce that the server got DDOSSED for some hours, all issues should be fixed now.
Sorry for the Inconvience.

I want launch new Server(s), please fill in the poll above. The poll will be closed tuesday 20:00 GMT+1.
If you know an another Server, you can upload the Server name in the Suggestion section on our Forums!

Today we get a new Lobby, that means the server isn't joinable for 15 minutes, you can check the Edits below for the Start and End of the Lobby Maintenance.
The Lobby will get a new server selector and a new Lobby map. This map is old :)

Owner and Founder RubyPvP
by FysiQ at 11:17 PM
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Dear Ruby Players !

I want to announce that i launche today Kit-PvP.
Please note: Its still in BETA Mode, that means if you found any bug you can report it on our Site.

The Added things of Kit-PvP you can find below.

- Teams (Should be Added Sunday)
- Level System - Created by Me :)
- Updated Rank System
- New Kits
- New Map

I gonna launch (maybe) more servers if i get enough Donations.

Staff Apply's are still open, you're free to apply in our Jr-Helper Apply Section.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can create a thread or just reply below or PM me :p

Friendly Regards,
Owner and Founder of Ruby-Network